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Privacy Policy

Notice is hereby given:

  • All custom work will most likely violate and nullify any factory warranty. This pertains to custom work performed by Iron Site Gunshop, or any gunsmith outside of the original factory of manufacture.
  • YOU have decided to contract custom work performed on your weapon. Therefore YOU are solely liable and responsible for any and all accidental discharge, malfunction, or any other problem(s) that may arise from your weapon or any modifications to it. No warranties of any kind are expressed or implied at any time. ( THIS DOES NOT MEAN WE WOULD BE UNWILLING TO HELP AND/OR FIX A PROBLEM, ONLY THAT WE ARE NOT OBLIGATED )
  • If you need or want your trigger pull adjusted, or have any other modifications pertaining to work we have performed other then that directly caused by our error, we are usually willing to make these adjustments at no charge.

In contracting "Iron Site Gun Shop" to perform any custom work to your weapon, please note you ARE agreeing to all of the following liability waiver points:

  • You here forth exonerate "iron site gun shop" and it's owner(s) and employees from any and all liabilities and responsibilities related to and / or resulted from any and all modifications performed by iron site gun shop on your weapon(s).
  • You fully and completely understand iron site gunshop, make absolutely no claims or warranties as to the practicality or usability of any modifications or repairs performed on your weaopn(s).
  • You will always assume that your weapon is fully capable of firing and discharging a live round and henceforth maiming or killing any object fired upon or pointed at.
  • You are aware that any "action" or "trigger" work may and probably will violate the original manufacturer warranties.
  • You are aware that a lighter trigger pull will increase the possibility of an acidental discharge of your firearm.
    Handle your weapon safely and responsibly!
  • Any gun left at iron site gun shop without full payment will incur storage fees after ($10  per week) 7 calendar days following the work completion. You will be notified by phone upon completion of work.
  • Any gun abandoned at iron site gun shop after 30 days of completion of work will be considered "abandoned property" and all ownership to you will be relinquished, and will henceforth be sold for work fees & storage compensation.
  • You are fully aware that "iron site gun shop" carries and / or contracts absolutely no insurance or any facsimile there of, or on any of the work they perform or parts they install and / or sell.
  • You agree to take full responsibility for any and all liabilities, and / or warranty costs related to your weapon, and it's function / malfunction and usage, and do hereby promise to seek absolutely no indemnification or legal action and / or recourse against "iron site gun shop", and it's owner(s), or any employees, at any time, whether from malfunction, parts breakage, results of weapon discharge accidental or intentional, user inability to discharge the weapon, or any other circumstance.
  • By signing the work order you formally agree to the above mentioned contract.